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Project Year: 2014

Location: Bibra Lake, WA

Total Marine Technology

Total Marine Technology

Total Marine Technology (TMT) is an Australian based company situated in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. TMT specialise in the design, engineering, building and operation of ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and subsea tooling. Their products are used in subsea energy production around the world.

The ROVs and intervention tooling are predominantly designed for the offshore drilling and production industry. However, the ROVs are also used in almost any scenario where work needs to occur at seafloor level and requires complex equipment and technology to do so. Other key operations where TMT ROVs are used include: subsea tree installations, removal of calcareous build up on dynamic assemblies, barge crossing deployment supports, field construction and abandonment and finally, varying-term environmental surveys.

Total Marine Technology prioritise seamless partnerships between robust technology and advanced training to manage unplanned events in these high risk markets. Playing a role in TMT’s successful project designs and deliveries is iLINQ; a modular, bayable enclosure system designed and manufactured by B&R.

Specified by TMT, iLINQ is a preferred solution because of B&R’s ability to confidently supply as well as provide collaborative engineering and on-site technical support. In a typical ROV design, iLINQ controls and segregates low voltage and high voltage using multi-meters to manage current during drilling operations.

iLINQ is supplied as a standard, pre-assembled solution to TMT including mounting pan, swing handle and matrix rail positioned horizontally in the enclosure. A fast turnaround time of assembly and delivery means TMT are able to build the enclosure, including cut-outs in the doors for venting and in the roof for cable entry requirements. iLINQ’s flexibility in design and delivery is regarded as a key advantage to TMT who have both the skill and equipment to execute customisable solutions themselves. Consequently TMT prefer to have the standard cabinet on the shop floor faster, so they can then modify and fit out in a timely manner.

More information on iLINQ Bayable Enclosure Systems.

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