Customer Cabinets

Cabinets for telecommunications equipment in the customers premises.

Product Information


A range of enclosures designed for installation of telecommunications equipment inside customers premises. Designed for installation inside telephone exchanges to house standard telecommunication equipment and accessories. Cabinets come supplied with glazed, louvered, or mesh doors.


  • ETSI standard compliant
  • RU / SU equipment rails
  • Suitable for 19″ or 21″ equipment
  • Various fasteners to facilitate installation
  • Supplied with various door options
  • Variety of accessories
  • All customer cabinets have the following equipment mounting positions:
    Front Mount 19″ / 21″
    75mm Mount 19″ / 21″
    140/170mm Mount 21″
    Rear Mount 19″


  • Robust zinc coated steel
  • Structurally certified to meet seismic and static load requirements
  • Durable powdercoat finish

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Order Guide

All ETSI cabinets have the following cabinet mounting positions: –

  • Front Mount: 19/21″
  • 75mm Mount: 19/21″
  • 140/170mm Mounts: 21″
  • Rear Mount: 19″
Part NumberDescription
TEL-353/00574CPT Cabinet 1A - 1375mm high, acrylic door
TEL-353/00575CPT Cabinet 2A - 1800mm high, acrylic door
TEL-353/00577CPT Cabinet 3A - 2200mm high, acrylic door
TEL-CABCUST2AML CPT Cabinet 2A - 1800mm high, metal louvred
TEL-CABCUST3AML CPT Cabinet 3A - 2200mm high, metal louvred
TEL-353/00576Cabinet 2B - 1800mm high, acrylic door
TEL-353/00578Cabinet 3B - 2200mm high, acrylic door
TEL-CABCUST2BMLCabinet 2B - 1800mm high, metal louvred
TEL-CABCUST3BMLCabinet 3B - 2200mm high, metal louvred
TEL-CABCUST2BPMCabinet 2B - 1800mm high, 63% perf metal mesh
TEL-CABCUST3BPMCabinet 3B - 2200mm high, 63% perf metal mesh
TEL-CABLOD3BCabinet 3B - 2200mm high, for 4 LOD panels


  • Doors
  • Mounting & Superstructure
  • Drawers & Shelves
  • Power Distribution
  • General Accessories