Ausrack Plus Network

A 19" network cabinet that combines versatility and strength with easy-to-use features.

Ausrack Plus Network
Australian Made
Australian Made

Product Information


Ausrack Plus Network is designed to accommodate medium to large passive patching networks and active communications equipment. By the use of cable zones and cable management systems, tailored, structured cable management solutions can be incorporated to suit any network application. Designed for data centre applications and can easily be bayed to other cabinets or racks.

A front perspex and rear steel door are included however there are many door and side panel options which can be included by designing your solution from an Ausrack Plus Frame.


  • EIA-310-D and SSI standard compliant
  • Static load rating of 1400kg
  • Seismic load rating of 900kg
  • Inset corner posts
  • Depth adjustable RU marked rails
  • Doors can be hinged on the left or right side
  • 2-point locking doors with low profile lockable handle
  • More than 20 strategically placed cable entries
  • Removable side panels
  • Easily bayed to other cabinets or racks
  • Frame designed to allow two or more people to work on installation at once


  • Frame and 2 x side panels
  • Front reinforced tinted acrylic window door
  • Rear steel door
  • 2-point locking doors
  • Key lockable wing knob
  • 4 x full height RU marked mounting rails
  • Flat top cover (24RU racks only )
  • Gland plates (40 & 45RU racks only)


  • Body – Zinc coated steel
  • Frame thickness – 1.6mm
  • Rail thickness – 2.0mm
  • Panel thickness – 1.2mm
  • Window – Acrylic
  • Surface finish – Powdercoated textured matt black

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  • Doors
  • Side Panels
  • Top covers – flat and raised
  • Cable zones – 100mm and 200mm
  • Cable zone blanking plates
  • Cable management fingers with cover panel
  • Vertical cable management fingers (includes cable fingers and connection bracket)
  • Vertical cable management system (U-channel system with cable fingers and connection brackets)
  • Cable management rings
  • Cable management patch bracket
  • Cable management hanger – 24 port
  • Power rails – SAA and IEC outlets
  • Shelves
  • Cable trays
  • 19″ blanking panels
  • Fans
  • Mounting accessories

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