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Client: YourDC

Client Contractor: B&R Enclosures

Project Year: 2016


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YourDC is a state of the art data centre provider based in Adelaide, South Australia. Offering Tier 3 hosting options, they provide traditional data centre space on a per-rack / per-room basis for clients after an additional aspect of security.

YourDC have data centres on the north and south of Adelaide, the newest being their 800 rack facility in Edinburgh Parks.

Edinburgh Parks is currently the only Tier 3 facility in Adelaide, offering data centre security within a secure location. The cold aisle containment used in its data rooms provides an environmentally friendly and economic way to maintain a consistent temperature amongst its server racks.

B&R Enclosures have worked extensively with YourDC in the past, supplying server racks for their Data Centre in Hawthorn. B&R were approached by YourDC to supply specialised data cabinets with superior airflow containment for their $30m Edinburgh Parks site. To allow the pods to be replicated across multiple rooms, the design also needed to be modular. YourDC were after a complete solution, from design to manufacture to installation within a specified timeframe.

B&R worked closely with YourDC to create a custom solution to meet their needs. Working with YourDC’s security and individualisation requirements, B&R designed cabinets with privacy segregation panels and fully automated sensor doors at each end of the row. Partnered with the privacy panels, the mesh doors offer effective airflow. The mesh doors then work with the cold aisle system to provide economic airflow containment.

B&R provided Australian made premium Ausrack Plus cabinets to fill the modular pods requested by YourDC. One pod contains 20 cabinets, each 45RU in height, bayed together with privacy panels.

B&R also supplied clear roof paneling for cold aisle containment and fully automated sliding doors as row ends.

Privacy panels between each cabinet prevents cross cabinet airflow. This ensures that all heat generated by the servers can flow directly out of the system. It also stops cross contamination between this hot and any cool air running through less active server bays.

B&R Enclosures’ expertise and knowledge in installing cold aisle containment systems means that the job was done quickly and efficiently.

YourDC has made this first installation their display room, with the aim to fill their other server rooms with pods and servers with more personalised features. This can include power rails and cable management where desired.

YourDC Testimonial:

“YourDC is proud to have installed our first “Data Room” using a solution from B&R Enclosures. B&R went above and beyond for us, presenting a streamlined solution of design, manufacture and installation with an awesome 4 week turnaround so it was all done in time for our launch.

We now have a room of quality server cabinets with cold aisle containment which allows us to showcase our Data Centre to Adelaide’s business community.

The commitment to service and quality from B&R compliments YourDC’s desire for a state of the art facility with that “wow” factor. Everyone that walks into our first Data Room certainly does say “wow” so we think it’s a job well done.

We look forward to working with B&R in the future as we continue to grow.”


YourDC Data Centre

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