Airflow Efficiency Products

A range of products to support management of data centre cooling efficiency.

Airflow Efficiency Products

Product Information

If you have already laid out your room in hot and cold aisles, with cabinets orientated ‘front to front’ and ‘back to back’, then you can improve cooling efficiency by blocking unused panel spaces in your cabinets. These open panel spaces allow air to ‘short circuit’ your hot and cold aisle arrangement. The result of these short circuits is that equipment can then run too hot, shortening its life air conditioners struggle to maintain temperatures required and the efficiency of your cooling system drops dramatically.

B&R offers a range of blanking panels, for open areas, and brush strips for areas for areas that need cabling.

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Ezibrush Strips

EZIBRUSH™ panels keep hot exhaust air away from cool intake air, extending the life of your equipment. These panels have a brush strip overhanging the 1U size by an extra 5mm allowing simple management of air gaps when placed alongside other equipment.

ProductDescriptionPart NumberHeight (RU)
Ezibrush StripsHorizontal, 19" BlackARBPB1U1

Eziblank Blanking Panels

The Ausrack 6RU adjustable tool less blanking panels simply snaps to the size you need and pushes onto the 19” mounting rails. The blanking panels can be easily snapped in 1RU increments to fit any gap. Made from UL94 fire rated and anti static ABS plastic.

ProductDescriptionPart NumberHeight (RU)
Eziblank Blanking PanelsSupplied as 6 x 1RU plastic panelsARBP6U1

Metal Blanking Panels

Blanking panels are used to control airflow in the rack. They are manufactured from
1.2mm steel with a powdercoated matt black surface finish.

ProductPart NumberHeight (RU)Height (mm)Width (mm)
Blanking PanelsEBP1U144483
Blanking PanelsEBP2U288483
Blanking PanelsEBP3U3132483
Blanking PanelsEBP4U4177483
Blanking PanelsEBP5U5222483
Blanking PanelsEBP6U6266483

Cable Zone Blanking Plates

Cable zone blanking plates seal the front section of racks bayed with cable zones from the hot exhaust air at the rear of the cabinet. The cable zone blanking plates extend between the posts of the two adjoining racks over the cable zone to the full height of the racks.

ProductPart NumberWidth (mm)To Suit
Cable Zone Blanking PlatesARBP40U10010040RU
Cable Zone Blanking PlatesARBP40U20010040RU
Cable Zone Blanking PlatesARBP45U10010045RU
Cable Zone Blanking PlatesARBP45U20010045RU

Vertical Brush Strips

Vertical brush strips are used to control airflow in the rack. They provide a barrier
between the front of the frame and hot exhaust air at the rear, between the post and the
side panel whilst also allowing cable access. Each strip attaches to the post and extends to the side panel of the cabinet.

Part NumberTo Suit
ARPBS40U0640RU x 600 wide
ARPBS40U0840RU x 800 wide
ARPBS45U0645RU x 600 wide
ARPBS45U0845RU x 800 wide