Group Metering Enclosures

A range of group metering enclosures that includes pre-wired solutions suitable for use in multi-tenancy sites.

Group Metering Enclosure - AS/NZS 61439 compliant

Group Metering

Group metering enclosures providing a solution for multiple tenancy installations. For use in all states except for VIC and WA.


Infinity 3G

A commercial metering switchboard that needs can be externally or internally mounted. The Infinity 3G range includes a huge range of sizes and accessories to suit almost every application.


Pre-Wired Switchboards

A pre-wired switchboard for multi-residential and commercial applications.


Pre-wired Group Metering Enclosure for South Australia

SA Pre-Wired Group Metering

An IP23 enclosure providing a pre-wired solution for multiple tenancy installations in SA.


Pre-wired Group Metering for Victoria

Victoria Group Metering

A range of pre-wired and unwired enclosures to suit multiple tenancy installations in Victoria complying to State Authority Rules and Regulations.