CQr Guardian

SCEC approved high security data cabinet and accessories.

CQr Guardian

Product Information


High security 19 inch data cabinet suitable for protecting data and ICT equipment. These cabinets can be configured to a Class B or Class C cabinet by selecting a door option to suit the needs of the customer.


  • SCEC standard approved cabinets and accessories.
  • Unrivalled 1400kg distributed load capacity.
  • Individual serialised cabinets.
  • Bi-lock mechanism for Class C and combination locking for Class B cabinets.
  • Fully adjustable 19″ mounting rails with marked RU positions.
  • SCEC approved dedicated power passthrough.
  • High-capacity Cable Carrier^ baffle with innovative cable entry.
  • High flow ventilation mesh doors.
  • Peak efficiency air flow system.

^ patent pending 

Comes standard with

  • 2 x PDU trays.
  • 4 x adjustable numbered RU mounting rails.
  • 4 x levelling feet.
  • 2 x 300mm wide cable trays.
  • All racks complete with maximum (x8) cable entries.
  • Cable entries feature cable tie off points and removable cover.
  • Baffle entries compliant to copper and fibre bend radius requirements.
  • Power entry passthrough for dual feeds.

Optional Accessories:

• Extended panels for increased cable capacity (adds 2 x 100mm extended cabling capacity)
• High efficiency cooling system.
• Baying kit with segregation panel and cable access between racks.
• Additional SCEC approved accessories.


  • 1.6mm fully welded frame.
  • Panel thickness – 1.6mm
  • Manufactured from zinc coated steel.
  • Powdercoated textured matt black.

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Order Guide

Part NumberRUHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Door ConfigurationEnquiry
ACQR3B42U810LL4220658001000Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B42U810LR4220658001000Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B42U810RL4220658001000Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B42U810RR4220658001000Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B42U812LL4220658001200Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B42U812LR4220658001200Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B42U812RL4220658001200Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B42U812RR4222008001200Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U810LL4522008001000Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U810LR4522008001000Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U810RL4522008001000Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U810RR4522008001000Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U812LL4522008001200Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U812LR4522008001200Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U812RL4522008001200Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3B45U812RR4522008001200Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
Part NumberRUHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Door ConfigurationEnquiry
ACQR3C42U810LL4220658001000Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C42U810LR4220658001000Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C42U810RL4220658001000Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C42U810RR4220658001000Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C42U812LL4220658001200Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C42U812LR4220658001200Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C42U812RL4220658001200Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C42U812RR4222008001200Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U810LL4522008001000Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U810LR4522008001000Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U810RL4522008001000Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U810RR4522008001000Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U812LL4522008001200Front & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U812LR4522008001200Front Left & Rear Right HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U812RL4522008001200Front Right & Rear Left HingeEnquiry
ACQR3C45U812RR4522008001200Front & Rear Right HingeEnquiry


Our CQr Guardian products are available as completed cabinets or can be customised to suit any installation or customer requirements. Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Some of the accessories include:

  • Doors – polycarbonate, mesh and steel
  • Baying kit
  • Fans
  • Sensor kits
  • Cable management
  • Shelving
  • Power rails
  • Cable trays; and more