Climate Control Accessories

Climate control accessories such as spare filters to prevent dust entering the enclosure, thermostats, humidistats, level switch and solenoid valves.

Climate Control Accessories

Product Information


Most of the Climate Control product range requires the use of a filter to prevent dust entering the enclosure. Many of these can be controlled for best effect by a thermostat, humidistat, level switch or solenoid valve. These products are also available from B&R. However for the complete list, please contact us and let us know the model number of the product you are interested in.

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Order Guide

Part NumberTypeDescription
TX-AAEFM/AADFMFiltersCleanable Air Filters for Cooling Units
TX-AAEFP/AADFPFiltersPoly Foam Air Filters for Cooling Units
TX-AAFFHFiltersHigh Efficiency (EU5) Air Filters
TX-AAFFNFiltersSpare Cloth Filters for Ventilation Units
TX-AAFTO12ThermostatThermostat NO 0-60C
TX-AAWFT10ThermostatInstallation Accessory for installing thermostat on DIN rail
TX-AAWTC10ThermostatThermostat NC 0-60C
TX-AAWTS10ThermostatThermostat changeover contact 5-60C
TX-C16000002ThermostatThermostat for temp adjustment 20-46C, gas bulb sensor
TX-C16000385ThermostatTwin thermostats in one housing, NC/NO, 0-60C/0-60C
TX-AAWHS10HumidistatHumidistat 0-60C, 35-95%RH