Finucane FI – 316SS

An IP66, special purpose, sloping roof enclosure with sun shield designed for Pilbara Iron Ore projects.

AS/NZS 61439
Finucane FI – 316SS
Australian Made
Australian Made

Product Information


Typically used for local control stations, mini control consoles and motor isolators in conveyor runs.



  • IP66 protection rating – more info on IP ratings
  • 15º forward sloping roof to prevent build up of water and solids
  • Extended roof and gutter system to inhibit water from entering the enclosure on opening
  • Mounting pan depth adjustable to provide flexibility for cable glands
  • Removable doors with pintle hinges



  • 15º reverse angle sloping roof to prevent the build
    of water and solids
  • Large opening in bottom for maximum cable access
  • Designed to protect enclosure from direct sunlight
    and reducing temperatures inside the enclosure



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Order Guide

Part NumberHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Usable Depth (mm)Weight (kg)CAD Blocks 



  • Sunshield – bolted 1.5mm thick stainless steel construction with backwards facing sloping roof and large open area at the bottom for maximum cable access. Sun shield also includes 3 point locking, door stays and pintle hinges to allow the removal of doors if required.

Climate Control

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