Indoor Wall-Mount Air Conditioners

The EGO range of indoor surface mounted air conditioners have been designed to cool electrical enclosures to prevent failure of installed equipment.

Indoor Wall-Mount Air Conditioners

Product Information


The EGO range of wall or door mounted air conditioners have been designed to cool electrical enclosures to prevent failure of installed equipment. They are quick and easy to install with a standard surface mounted arrangement (a kit can also be bought to allow a semi-recessed installation should the site require it). Once installed the enclosure can be rated to IP54, which prevents dust entering in sufficient quantities that may cause interference with the installed equipment, and prevents damage from splashed water.


  • Designed for indoor applications.
  • Suitable for use where the internal temperature of the cabinet is required to be lower than the ambient temperature.
  • Ozone friendly R134a or R407C refrigerant.
  • Internal temperature is adjustable from 20ºC to 46ºC (factory set at 35ºC)
  • External ambient temperature range extends from -20ºC to 55ºC.
  • Other power supply options area available on special request.


  • All mounting hardware
  • Hole drilling template
  • External digital temperature display and controls.


  • Manufactured from mild steel (stainless steel available on request).
  • Powdercoated Light Grey RAL7035 (Pebble Grey RAL7032 available only while stocks last.)

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Order Guide

Part NumberSupplyCooling CapacityEnquiry
Standard (RAL7035)RAL7032
TX-EGO04BT1BTX-EGO04BM1A230380/240 Enquiry
TX-EGO06BT1BTX-EGO06BM1A230640/470 Enquiry
TX-EGO08BT1BTX-EGO08BM1A230820/680 Enquiry
TX-EGO10BT1BTX-EGO10BM1A2301000/790 Enquiry
TX-EGO12BT1BTX-EGO12BM1A2301250/910 Enquiry
TX-EGO16BT1BTX-EGO16BM1A2301600/1230 Enquiry
TX-EGO20BT1BTX-EGO20BM1A2302000/1510 Enquiry
TX-EGO30BT1BTX-EGO30BM1A2302900/2250 Enquiry
TX-EGO40BT1BTX-EGO40BM1A2303850/2870 Enquiry
TX-EGO20LT1BTX-EGO20LM1A4002000/1510 Enquiry
TX-EGO30LT1BTX-EGO30LM1A4002900/2250 Enquiry
TX-EGO40LT1BTX-EGO40LM1A4003850/2870 Enquiry
TX-EGO60MTEBTX-EGO60MTEA4005800/4350 Enquiry
TX-EGO80MTEBTX-EGO80MTEA4007600/5700 Enquiry
TX-EGOA0MTEBTX-EGOA0MTEA4009400/7000 Enquiry
TX-EGOA5MTEBTX-EGOA5MTEA40014800/11300 Enquiry



  • Filter cloths
  • Washable filter cloths
  • Thermostats