Fiona Stanley Hospital

Client: WA Government

Client Contractor: Nilsens WA

Project Year: 2014


Fiona Stanley Hospital location

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Fiona Stanley Hospital
Fiona Stanley Hospital

Middy’s WA was successful winning the Rack supply for the $2 billion Fiona Stanley Hospital to Nilsens WA.

Tendering started in February 2011 and Ben Mok at Middy’s was awarded the job in October 2011. With a proven record for success demonstrated in past projects, Middy’s and Nilsens partnered with B&R Enclosures to supply the racks and equipment for the project.

The project demanded critical requirements that needed to be considered in the partnership. These included adhering to strict delivery schedules for supply but also maintaining open and consistent communication between all stakeholders in the project.

This was found to be a critical element for the successful partnership between Middy’s and B&R – ensuring that the best solutions could be supplied and that the right people were recruited to make that happen.

With tight schedules to meet, B&R worked closely with Middy’s and the customer to ensure deadlines were met. The project required delivery in stages throughout 2012 which B&R met each schedule (even storing racks when customer couldn’t take full delivery). Being a landmark project, it was critical for all deadlines to be met, which B&R were able to achieve with confidence.

“Fiona Stanley Hospital will be one of the best in Australia – a leader in clinical care, research and education, supported by an innovative design that uses the latest scientific, technological and medical developments.”

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solution at Fiona Stanley Hospital will enable unparalleled levels of accessible, integrated and evidence-based patient-centric care.

Through the utilisation of innovative and modern ICT, Fiona Stanley Hospital will provide more efficient, safer and higher quality assessment and treatment for patients throughout Western Australia. The new technology at Fiona Stanley Hospital includes:

  • A network of integrated ICT systems within the hospital and across the wider health care system. This will support seamless patient care across providers.
  • Videoconferencing (or telehealth) services for clinical, consultative, training and administrative purposes
  • Improved safety, security and efficiency through a digital administration and records system
  • Improved ICT infrastructure, including wireless technology integrated with building systems to ensure security and patient safety.
  • The integration of new medical equipment with ICT
  • Bedside patient entertainment systems that will also be used for patient administration, transmission of medical images, discharge administration and medication management.
Fiona Stanley Hospital

Fiona Stanley Hospital

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