Temporary Site Power

Australian Made temporary site power enclosures to supply temporary power on construction sites.

Temporary Site Power
Australian Made
Australian Made

Product Information


Australian Made temporary site power enclosures suitable for use on all construction sites where temporary power is required.


  • Sturdy insulated tie bar
  • Insulated entry for power leads
  • Space for mounting of links
  • Removable escutcheon for easy access
  • Complies to AS/NZS3012


  • Manufactured from 1.0mm galvanised steel to Z275

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Order Guide

Part NumberTo suit rowsDINHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
TB0015021 row of 15-poles15-pole343230225
TB0042022 rows of 21-poles42-pole495483275
TB0054022 rows of 27-poles54-pole648635275
Part NumberInclusionsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
TSPB15044 x 10A343230225
TSPB42066 x 10A495485275
TSPB5488 x 10A648635275
TSPB54838 x 10A, 1 x 20A (3-phase)648635275
Part NumberInclusionsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
TBV15023 x 10A, 1 x 15A343230225
TBV42027 x 10A, 1 x 15A495485275
TBV54029 x 10A, 1 x 15A648635275
TBV54049 x 10A, 1 x 15A, 1 x 20A (3-phase)648635275

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