Pre-Wired Switchboards

A pre-wired switchboard for multi-residential and commercial applications.

AS/NZS 61439
Pre-Wired Switchboards
Australian Made
Australian Made

Product Information


This pre-wired switchboard range is designed to be use for multi-residential and commercial metering applications.


  • Robust construction to ensure long service life
  • IP66 for QLD, NSW & SA, IP34 for VIC – more info on IP ratings
  • Large 3mm aluminium gland plate
  • Stainless steel door hinges
  • Recessed swing handle
  • 3-point locking
  • Document holder
  • Sunroof included as standard for CT switchboards


  • Manufactured from 1.6mm zinc coated steel
  • Powdercoated Light Grey RAL7035

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Order Guide

Part NumberHeightWidthDepthMain Switch SectionAvailable Metering ConfigurationSub Main SectionMounting
TGXQ10M1P/CW12701070450Supplied with Schneider 250A MCCB LV431140Wired for 10 x single phaseSupplied with 10 x 63A 1P MCB's A9F44163Wall
TGXQCT250/CW2170670450Supplied with Schneider 250A MCCB LV4311401 X CT tenant250A rated tails (no devices)Plinth
TGXN12M1P/CW19701070450Supplied with Schneider 250A MCCB LV431140Wired for 12 x single phaseSupplied with 12 x 63A 1P MCB's A9F44163Plinth
TGXNCT250/CW2170670450Supplied with Schneider 250A MCCB LV4311401 X CT tenantSpace for 2 x Schneider MCCB Max 250APlinth
TGXV12M1P/CW12701070450Supplied with Schneider 160A MCCB LV430745Wired for 12 x single phaseSupplied with 12 x 40A MCB's A9F44140Wall (raised plinth sold separately)
TGXVCT160/CW1970670450Supplied with Schneider 160A MCCB LV4307451 X CT tenantDirect connect to CT chamberPlinth
TGXVCT160/CWSPD1970670450Supplied with Schneider 160A MCCB LV430745 + SPD1 X CT tenantDirect connect to CT chamberPlinth

AS/NZS 61439 Compliance

AS/NZS 61439 is the new series of standards for low-voltage (LV) switchgear and control gear assemblies. For more information on whether you need to comply see our AS/NZS 61439 page.

Click the bar below the requirements and responsibilities for complaince with AS/NZS 61439 for this enclosure.

The following definitions apply to this table: -

  • Original Manufacturer* - Switchboard designer and manufacturer of the switchboard enclosure.
  • Assembly Manufacturer* - A switchboard builder.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer - The company who manufactured the switchgear used in final assembly.

*The original manufacturer and assembly manufacturer can be the same company or different companies.

If you are a SWITCHBOARD BUILDER this means you are the ASSEMBLY MANUFACTURER and you may be the ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER too. Any switchgear you order will need to be covered by the requirements of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

B&R has some (but not all) of the responsibilities of the ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER.

If you are an END USER of the equipment you can see who has responsibility from these definitions.

NoCharacteristic to be CheckedClauseResponsibilityComments