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Residential Commercial
Enclosure Solutions


Meter Boxes, Panelboards, Group and Commercial Metering

B&R Enclosures manufacture a range of domestic meter boxes for all states as well as group and commercial metering enclosures and panelboards. These are sold through your local electrical wholesaler.

Meter Box

Meter Boxes

A range of metal enclosures for single domestic installations, specifically engineered to suit the Service and Installation Rules (SIR) of Electricity Distributors throughout Australia.

Group Metering Enclosure

Group Metering

A range of enclosures to suit multiple tenancy installations with varying sizes panels for all states of Australia.

DIN rail enclosures

DIN Rail Enclosures

IP30 load centre enclosures for residential commercial applications.

Commercial & Mult-residential Metering

Commercial & Multi-Residential Metering

A range of enclosures including group metering, commercial metering, temporary site and tee-off enclosures.


NBN Enclosures

NBN Enclosures

A enclosure that is also suitable for optical fibre. B&R's NBN Enclosure has been designed for this application.