Tallowa Dam

Client: Sydney Catchment Authority

Project Year: 2009


Tallowa Dam location

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Tallowa Dam
Tallowa Dam
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Tallowa Dam
Tallowa Dam
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Tallowa Dam
Tallowa Dam
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Tallowa Dam
Tallowa Dam
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Tallowa Dam
Tallowa Dam

The Tallowa Dam project sought to achieve environmental flow releases of water into the Shoalhaven River. This was an attempt to improve downstream river health. In addition to this, an automated fish passage, trap and elevator were installed to assist migratory native fish species reaching spawning grounds upstream. The project cost valued at approximately $28 Million.

A range of different enclosures were required to achieve a variety of functions. A major value-add aspect was the specification requirement for almost all enclosures to have viewing windows so operators could view displays located inside.

With previous experience utilising B&R in the mining sector, the contractor knew B&R’s capabilities were suitable to cover a diverse range of applications and environments. Consequently engaging B&R as a key partner in the Tallowa Dam project. Being an arduous and demanding environment, guaranteeing quality was a primary driver for the decision to use enclosures manufactured by B&R.

Signature SE was used as the main board while Universal NI and Monarch IP stainless enclosures supported various functional components. This included hydrostatic level transmitters, valve controllers, level monitors and pit tag readers.

Finally, the Connector TE enclosures were used for lighting junction boxes on the stairway down to the control panels.

With an extensive amount of additional value-add components supplied and fitted with the enclosures by B&R, the client was able to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of the design specification using one supplier.

Tallowa Dam 4

Tallowa Dam

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