Aspect on Archer

Client: Aspect Property Group Pty Ltd

Client Contractor: D&L Williamson Electrical

Project Year: 2016


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Aspect on Archer
Aspect on Archer
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Aspect on Archer
Aspect on Archer
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Aspect on Archer
Aspect on Archer

The Project

Aspect on Archer is a development with over 160 apartments by Aspect Property Group in south east Queensland. B&R Enclosures were engaged by D&L Williamson Electrical to supply switchboard and metering solutions for the development’s electrical supply. B&R supplied enclosures for three distinct stages.

Incoming mains electricity

D&L selected B&R’s Signature SE range of switchboards to manage incoming mains supply. With over 160 apartments to distribute electricity to, D&L needed a switchboard system able to cope with high energy levels. Thoroughly tested and certified to Australian and International standards, B&R’s Signature SE range is suitable for incomer current ratings up to and including 3400 Amps, making it the perfect solution for the high energy flow needed at this site.

Power distribution for individual units

As the switchboards for individual unit power distribution were to be located in locked cupboards on every second floor, the design D&L provided had a focus on space saving. With this in mind, B&R offered the Infinity 3G Econo range design.
This switchboard solution safely contained all wiring in a framework, without the need for a full enclosure around the system. This design also offered the flexibility to cut down on unnecessary costs.

The Infinity 3G switchboard has been designed to provide a modular solution for commercial and residential applications up to 630 Amps. This multi-residential solution has been tested to IEC 61439 and is compliant to AS/NZS 61439.
At Aspect on Archer, B&R’s engineers designed the modular system, and fitted the initial electrical components to the switchboard. B&R then handed the product over to D&L to complete the installation.

Temporary power

B&R’s Horizon Q20 enclosures were used throughout the building while permanent power solutions were unavailable. These enclosures needed to supply power, and also allow relocation as work progressed. Fully compliant with QLD Supply Authority Rules, the Q20 was used in multiple areas around the site during construction.

B&R worked closely with D&L to provide a cost effective solution with superior ease of access for installation and maintenance.

Keeping communications channels open ensured transparency in all actions between B&R and D&L. This promoted a mutually beneficial relationship where any proposed changes were adopted quickly and efficiently. As Joshua Williamson from D&L said, he found the B&R sales representative “to be very easy to liaise with and … [he] made the design process a smooth operation.”

B&R will continue working with D&L on Aspect on Archer until its proposed completion towards the end of 2016. B&R and D&L also have ongoing work planned, including small day-to-day operations, as well as more significant projects. The larger projects include providing enclosures for the Walsh St Apartments in Milton and Arvia at Coolangatta.

Aspect on Archer

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Aspect on Archer

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