Client: BHP

Client Contractor: JA Martin Electrical

Project Year:

Location: Pilbara, WA

Brockman 4 - Iron Ore Plant

Brockman 4 Iron Ore Mine

Brockman 4 - Iron Ore Place

JA Martin Electrical won the contract to build and fit-out another transportable train loader control room for the BHP owned Brockman 4 iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

On completion of the control room, the personnel door was the only access to install the 2100mm x 800mm x 800mm iLINQ communications enclosure. Previously, JA Martin would have to cover the control room with tarpaulins whilst the floor, fire system and painting were completed. Then they would install the enclosure through the large 4 metre by 2 metre window and complete the glazing to secure the control room from the elements and vandalism.

However, this was not required with iLINQ. The iLINQ frame was disassembled into modules and reassembled, installed and wired in-situ. This added only about an hour to the project cost. This allowed the control room to be manufactured to lock-up stage in their workshop and then shifted to the holding yard fully secure for the fit-out.

According to Dallas Fletcher (General Manager of JA Martin Electrical), this was the easiest and most cost effective solution to a difficult problem. As there are minimal components, the process was very fast and clinical and once reassembled, the cladding and door realigned perfectly once again.

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