Sydney Ports, Patrick Terminal

Sydney Ports, Patrick Terminal

Client: Patrick Terminal

Project Year: 2006


Sydney Ports, Patrick Terminal location

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Sydney Ports, Patrick Terminal

Patrick is Australia’s leading provider of port-related services to importers, exporters and shipping lines. In October 2006, David Byrnes contacted B&R Enclosures about supplying stainless steel enclosures for the land side operation of the Sydney Ports Upgrade. This was after B&R’s involvement in the Brisbane Port Upgrade.

Patrick wanted to upgrade the enclosures used to automate the Sydney port site and upgrade the security system. They also wanted to standardise their enclosures so they could be used for future upgrades.

It was important for Patrick to reduce the time and money associated with engineering custom enclosures for each upgrade project.

B&R supplied stainless steel enclosures for this project which were sold through the local TLE electrical wholesaler branch, then sent to a local switchboard company to do the fitouts. We also pre-cut holes for the control and indication light as well as the cabinet’s ventilation units, which included fans, filters and heaters.

B&R were able to supply Patrick with a standard stainless steel enclosure, pre-cut to suit their equipment needs. B&R were also contracted to supply 380 Monarch IP enclosures to replace the sites damaged refrigeration cabinets.

Sydney Ports, Patrick Terminal

Sydney Ports, Patrick Terminal

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