Ichthys Gas Field

Ichthys Gas Field

Client: AG&P

Client Contractor: INPEX

Project Year: 2014-2015


Ichthys Gas Field location

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Ichthys Gas Field
Ichthys Gas Field

Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific (AG&P) fabricates major engineering modules for on-shore and off-shore oil & gas, mining, power, and civil infrastructure markets. AG&P works with some of the world’s largest EPC contractors to provide solutions for the most challenging projects. The company was engaged to undertake the design and construction of the on and off-shore modules for the Ichthys Gas Field.

AG&P have two large fabrication yards at Batangas, Philippines. They engage permanent staff of 300 engineers and technicians, which grows to 10,000 during the peak periods of the project. Located off the coast of Western Australia, the Ichthys Gas Field covers approximately 800km². It is estimated to contain more than 12 trillion cubic feet of gas as well as substantial oil recovery. Ichthys is the largest discovery of hydrocarbons in Australia in the last 40 years. INPEX, a Japanese oil and gas company, will be tending the gas field.

AG&P and Inpex worked closely with B&R from the very beginning of the Ichthys project. B&R provided advice and custom built distribution boards and junction boxes tailored to meet the needs of this project. B&R also designed a combination of IECEx and standard industrial IP66 enclosures. To meed INPEX’s needs, these were manufactured from glass reinforced plastic and 316 grade stainless steel. These enclosure solutions included all value addition and equipment installation. The products supplied by B&R included junction boxes, marshalling enclosures, local control stations, instrumentation enclosures and power & lighting distribution boards.

B&R’s design and technical advice included multiple visits to on-shore project sites and AG&P’s head office and main manufacturing facility in Batangas, Philippines. Working from a general site and project specification, B&R advised AG&P on the requirements to meet local electrical standards. B&R also advised on the most effective way to house the required electrical equipment on the modules. Factory acceptance testing for this project was conducted at B&R’s manufacturing facility as well as on site.

B&R’s ability to design and manufacture a wide range of products to meet the specific needs of this project to the world’s highest standards is the foundation of the enduring business relationship between AG&P and B&R. AG&P have been the largest International client for B&R since 2014.

As a result of this strong business relationship, B&R and AG&P are looking forward to working together on other major projects in Bangladesh, Oman and other Middle East projects.

Ichthys Gas Field

Ichthys Gas Field

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