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AuScope CORS Project
AuScope CORS Project

AuScope CORS is a network of Global Navigational Satellite System Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) located around Australia, forming part of the federally funded AuScope program.

CORS technology is now being used worldwide with applications developing in many fields including scientific research, precision navigation, engineering and precision agriculture.

A few examples of the applications which may use information produced by the AuScope CORS network are monitoring both slow and rapid movement of the earth’s crust, calculating and monitoring sea level change, updating co-ordinate data and atmospheric modelling.

The operational life of an AuScope CORS site is a minimum of 20 years. For the purpose of scientific research as well as the determination and maintenance of the co-ordinate datum, long uninterrupted “time series” data is crucial.

Ideally, a site will operate on a permanent basis once it is established. For this reason, a major consideration when selecting a site is its long-life and security.

B&R supplied Field FC enclosures to the customer’s specification. Key points for choosing our product was the security features and the quality build which would assure long-life of the product.

B&R worked closely with the customer, and was able to satisfy their needs with a diverse range of products to suit the environment in which it is installed.

AuScope CORS Project

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