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About AMC Oil & Gas

AMC Oil & Gas, located at Sumner Park in Queensland, is a leading provider of quality drilling mud and fluid products, treating chemicals & engineering solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. AMC Oil & Gas started operations over 25 years ago as a small mud company in Perth, with a Brisbane division supplying mud products equipment and now have operations in over 30 countries world-wide. Headquartered in Western Australia, AMC provide an extensive range of quality drilling fluid products and equipment for the oil & gas and geothermal industries. Their parent company, Imdex, is a leading provider of drilling fluid products, advanced down-hole instrumentation, data management solutions and geo-analytical services.

Providing customer value is at the forefront of the AMC business and is evident in their continual investment in state-of-the-art technology and upgrades to both their facilities and product offer. With extensive market knowledge and experience, AMC specialise in developing and manufacturing their own products to customer’s specific requirements. Naturally, this makes AMC a preferred supplier and manufacturer to global customers who require a field-specific solution with the support of its expert technicians.

Frac Tanks

One such solution assembled at the Sumner Park facility is known as a Frac tank, which is integrated with a transport trailer to access drill sites. The tank mixes freshly extracted drilling mud before sending it back down a drilled hole to reinforce the tunnel walls. Alternatively, the Frac tank is commonly used as an additional storage tank on site. AMC supply mobile Frac trailers to accompany the Frac tanks, which have integrated pumps and agitators to mix drilling muds as a seamless part of the rig system. The installed agitators keep the mud suspended long enough to maintain its consistency during drilling operations.

B&R Enclosures were contracted by AMC to supply hazardous products which are connected to the agitators and pumps. Sometimes working within very short lead times to supply a safe operating tank, AMC rely on B&R to deliver hazardous enclosures within a given time frame. Ian Matthews, AMC’s Field and Workshop Electrician said “Delivery time is becoming a key driver in our decision to choose our suppliers, as our customers are reducing their delivery windows. This indicates a market shift where price is no longer a defining factor in being able to give our customers value.” With confidence in B&R’s knowledge and quality of hazardous solutions, AMC and B&R will continue to work collaboratively on upcoming projects.

AMC Oil & Gas

AMC Oil & Gas

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AMC Oil & Gas

AMC Oil & Gas

AMC Oil & Gas, located at Sumner Park in Queensland is a leading provider of mud products to the global oil and gas market. More...

About B&R Enclosures:

B&R Enclosures is Australia’s largest enclosure manufacturer. We supply products and services to our customers who provide the technological and electrical backbone of our country and power our ever increasing demand for data and technology as well as some of the basics of life like heating and lights. Since 1955, B&R has built a reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of enclosures. For more information, visit B&R Enclosures or for more information about our company see our company pages.

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