Client: QLD Health

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Project Year: 2014

Location: Gold Coast, QLD

Gold Coast University Hospital

Gold Coast University Hospital

B&R Enclosure’s experience in delivering data solutions to the healthcare industry continues to grow as B&R were awarded the tender for the Gold Coast University Hospital. With security and airflow as major considerations, B&R were able to deliver a customised solution for long-term functionality and reliability.The new Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) is a major health facility offering tertiary level health care for South East Queensland. The hospital was built on the Greenfields site, adjacent to Griffith University Gold Coast campus. With 750 beds available, the hospital cost $1.76 billion. The facility demanded a secure and innovative IT infrastructure solution to manage sensitive patient information and ensure peace of mind.

After a 12 month tender process, B&R Enclosures were awarded the GCUH project for a two stage delivery of a central data centre and other critical data infrastructure locations around the hospital. With a proven track record in delivering data ICT projects with Queensland Health, the opportunity for B&R to join the project team was welcomed by the UXC, the largest Australian-owned ICT consultancy firm, as well as Anixter, a global supplier of electrical and communications equipment.

Proof of good channel management and an ability to manage small and large health projects were positive indicators of B&R’s commitment to work towards successful project completion.

In the data centre, B&R delivered a custom solution that consisted of 70 Ausrack Plus cabinets complete with vertical brush inserts, custom air duct system and PDU brackets. Airflow and security were major considerations of the data centre design, which the addition of blanking panels addressed. Blanking panels seal off the front section of a cabinet from the hot exhaust air at the rear of the cabinet. Furthermore, custom lockable cable zone covers were designed and manufactured to increase access security. By integrating cable zones into the rack design, the install was clean and efficient, with the ability to quickly create cable looms and cross cabinet cabling. The decision to pursue B&R’s lockable cable zones in health care projects is becoming more common, with a desire to maximise centre security and mitigate the risk of operational failure.

Supply to the hospital was in a two stage delivery, spanning two consecutive months. Specialised delivery with dedicated drops ensured all equipment was in original condition and installation could commence immediately. Since its opening, B&R representatives have conducted follow-up activities to ensure the data centre and other equipment has remained at optimum performance.

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