B&R’s Commitment to Ex-Service Personnel

B&R's Commitment to Ex-Service Personnel

B&R Enclosures is proud to announce that in recognition of those who have served Australia in a national security capacity, we have taken the Pledge to support greater access to employment opportunities for ex-service personnel.

The "Soldier On Pledge" is a way in which corporate Australia can thank Australian Service Personnel for their service and recognise the skills, leadership and training of those who have served. Companies who sign the Pledge commit to learning more about the skills and attributes which ex-service personnel and their family members can bring to and benefit an organisation. The Pledge works to provide greater access to job opportunities for ex-service personnel, veterans and family members.

The Soldier On employment team provide support and advocacy for candidates that are Soldier On participants as part of an existing recruitment processes within departments and companies. The Pledge and Employment Program form a channel by which ex-service personnel, veterans and their families can identify supportive organisations and allow Australian businesses to work to recruit candidates with skills and abilities learnt during their time in the defence force.

B&R Enclosures will post any job vacancies on the Soldier On job board allowing for greater visibility of opportunities to ex-service personnel and their families.

B&R would like to encourage other Australian businesses to make this pledge with us. Visit https://soldieron.org.au/ for more information.