Polaris Data Centre

Polaris Data Centre

Client: Interactive Data Centres

Client Contractor: Enertech

Project Year: 2013


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Polaris Data Centre
Polaris Data Centre

Dalkia, Facility Managers of Polaris Data Centre needed to segregate and secure customer data centre co-location space. The project took 6 weeks at a cost of $35,000 being for the design, supply and install of a customised (36 linear metre) security data cage.

Customers occupying co-location space in a data centre require segregation of their space from surrounding customers. This helps to ensure security and privacy. A physical barrier was required that was compliant with data centre standards yet still maintained ease of access that did not obstruct any existing overhead structure.

B&R Enclosures designed a data cage using 2.7m high sheets of powdercoated zinc annealed steel with 30mm² cutouts over the entire sheet. These were all fixed to the floor and ceiling with stainless steel fixtures, 50mm RHS vertical fixing posts. Horizontal supports were used to provide the frame structure, and sliding doors were designed using an overhead roller system.

Floor tracks were not needed with this design, thus eliminating any tripping hazards and satisfying the OH&S requirements of the data centre. Provisions for a specified locking mechanism were pre-punched into the door and door frame, allowing the customer to simply fix the lock mechanism straight into the cage doors.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome and plans to utilise B&R as the supplier for future cage requirements. This project has identified a need in the data and security market for a complete solution provider of data centre cages.

This project gave B&R the opportunity to add a completely new product range into their already extensive offer. It also provided the framework for value adding through installation, which can be replicated across different markets and products.

Polaris Data Centre

Polaris Data Centre

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