Pipe Networks Data Centre

Client: Pipe Networks

Project Year: 2015


Pipe Networks Data Centre location

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Pipe Networks Data Centre
Pipe Networks Data Centre

Pipe Networks, widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative telecommunications carriers operating within Australia and internationally, required a solution for their own data centre located in Brisbane. B&R Enclosures were able to deliver a custom, value-added system that has resulted in a trusting, ongoing and reliable partnership with Pipe Networks.

The project required a custom solution to solve a number of unique challenges including spatial limitations, a need for specialised secure infrastructure and on-site tenant security. Pipe Network’s project specifications demanded a comprehensive solution that could be confidently designed, manufactured and installed by a single supplier, within a short amount of time. Some of the requirements for design included custom solutions for sizing, secure caging, electronic locking and accessory fit and installation.

B&R Enclosures took on the project collaboratively, with designers, engineers, product managers, project representatives and the customer coming together to bring the project specifications to realisation. B&R designed a custom sized suite of racks that were factory-fitted with cable management and shelving. Accessories including foot kits, baying kits, privacy panels and power rails were installed on site.

Solenoid locking doors were also integrated into the system to ensure the cabinets and specialist equipment were protected at all times. Finally, a custom cage was engineered using 2.7m high sheets of powdercoat zinc coated steel with 30mm² cutouts over the entire sheet. These were all fixed to the floor and ceiling with stainless steel fixtures. Fifty millimetre RHS vertical fixing posts and horizontal supports were used to provide the frame structure.

Sliding doors were designed using an overhead roller system. This design removed the need for floor tracks, thus eliminating any tripping hazards and satisfying OH&S requirements of the data centre. Specialist engineers along with the product manager enabled timely delivery and installation on site, ensuring the customer was involved.

The Pipe Networks project was completed on time and met all expectations by B&R Enclosures. As a result, B&R have maintained incumbent supplier status with Pipe Networks, who also value Australian made manufacturing and design. Furthermore, the project was testament to B&R’s capability in delivering specialist knowledge, unrivalled quality and customised service.

Pipe Networks Data Centre

Pipe Networks Data Centre

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