Peninsula ECO Project Location

Peninsula ECO Project

Client: South East Water (SEW)

Client Contractor: B&R Enclosures


Peninsula ECO Project location

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Peninsula ECO Project Location

The Peninsula ECO Project required the construction of 15.4km of transfer main and pump stations as part of the Southern Mornington Peninsula Backlog Sewerage Scheme, known as the Peninsula Early Connection Offer (Peninsula ECO) Transfer System. The system will transfer sewage from Rye, Blairgowrie, Sorrento and Portsea to Boneo Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

B&R were contracted to supply the enclosures used to provide mechanical protection to above ground air valves and carbon canisters.

The demand to provide sewerage connections to more than 16,000 properties was driven by evidence of waste from failing household septic tanks along the Peninsula, which was, in turn, polluting groundwater, waterways and the environment.

To support the infrastructure, B&R’s design solution required high integrity to withstand potential vandalism, adequate ventilation and aesthetics to suit the high visibility location.

After close communication on the specified drawings, B&R’s custom design included single, double and four door 3mm marine grade aluminium cabinets. The cabinets were also required to be within SEW “”Eucalyptus green”” paint requirements for cabinets. Fitted with padlockable swing handles and stainless steel fittings, the design prioritised security and quality.

A particular point of difference in the B&R offer was the capability to design and manufacture using marine grade aluminium. A growing demand for aluminium as a preferred material has seen B&R design standard and custom aluminium cabinets to the likes of Ansaldo, Coffs Harbour, Fremantle Ports and Victoria Roads.

The Peninsula ECO Project specified the use of 3mm marine grade aluminium. The advantages of using aluminium as an alternative to stainless steel or zinc coated steel include improved corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres and low density and excellent thermal conductivity for high exposure environments. The use of aluminium also lends to decreased costs in freight and general installation due to its lighter make-up.

Building on an existing relationship with SEW, whom B&R have previously supplied to, B&R became the preferred supplier over local competitors for the FHDB partnership. With extensive experience in the water utilities market, B&R’s ability to not only provide design advice in the early phases of quoting but also provide flexibility in project delivery including trading terms and order delivery – provided unsurpassed value to the client.

The provision for a single, reliable point of contact from B&R who shepherded the project from start to finish enabled a seamless negotiation process to fulfill all stakeholder needs.

Overall, the execution of the Peninsula ECO Project was successful with custom cabinets designed to the specification and delivered in accordance with the delivery schedule to the site.

Peninsula ECO Project Location

Peninsula ECO Project

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