Inline Energy Meter

An energy metering device to add metering and network monitoring of power loads to existing basic PDUs.

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Dimensions (mm)
Catalogue No. Max. Power Input Plug Type L W H
ARIMEZ1151 1-Phase 3.84kVA IP66
350 55 110
ARIMEZ1152 7.68kVA 350 55 110
ARIMEZ1154 15.12kVA 445 55 110
ARIMEZ1156 3-Phase 11.52kVA 350 55 110
ARIMEZ1157 23.04kVA 350 55 110
ARIMEZ1159 45.36kVA 455 55 110

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PDU Energy Metering and Monitoring

  • PDU Energy Metering and Monitoring
  • PDU level watt-hour energy metering (kWh)
  • PDU level power measurements (W)
  • Input phase level power measurements (V, A, VA, kWh, pf)
  • Circuit breaker level current measurements
  • High-accuracy, billing-grade metering capabilities
  • Embedded memory log to record/view/report historical data
  • User customisable alarm thresholds & notifications

Environmental & Security Management

  • Optional plug & play environmental sensors including temperature, humidity, dry contact and water leak
  • Rack access monitoring with door contact switch
  • User customisable alarm thresholds and notifications

Network Management and Local Display Interface

  • Fully featured network management and alerting capabilities supporting HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, Syslog and email
  • Strong encryption, passwords and advanced authorisation options including
    local permissions, LDAP/S and Active Directory
  • Daisy chain up to 4 rack PDUs and 24 environmental sensors through a single
    IP address
  • Largest in class, high visibility, oLED display

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