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19" Computer Cabinets

B&R Enclosures are Australia’s largest manufacturer of enclosures, racks and cabinets.

We have various options for the design of computer cabinets, depending on the size and exact requirements of the computer system. These include:-

  • Wall Mounted Cabinets (Ausrack Wall and Ausrack Wall onyX) - Designed to be wall mounted, the Ausrack Wall onyX is available in sizes from 6RU to 18RU. The Ausrack Wall onyX comes with the option of a rear swing frame, which allows easy access to the back of the computer cabinet. The Ausrack Wall is available in sizes from 6RU to 24RU with swing frame as standard. Accessories include power rails, shelves and fan kits.
  • Floor Mounted Cabinet for network applications (Ausrack Floor onyX and Ausrack Plus Network) - These cabinets are usually used for applications involving network equipment, but can be used for smaller computer cabinets. The Ausrack Plus cabinets are the ultimate in robust design and advanced features. Available in sizes from 24RU to 45RU in depths of 600 and 900mm. The Ausrack Floor onyX is rated to carry a lesser load, but includes many features and accessories as standard. Available in sizes from 22RU to 47RU in depths of 600, 800 and 960mm.
  • Floor Mounted Cabinet for server applications (Ausrack Plus Server) - Used for rack mounted and tower style servers. The Ausrack Plus Server range features improved ventilation to the outside atmosphere. Available in sizes from 24RU to 45RU in depths of 600 and 900mm.
  • Accessories include power rails, cable management, fans, shelves, cable trays and many more.


Server rack - Ausrack Plus Frame
Material - steel
Top showing cable access through stiffening Bend back cable entries Frame showing bottom cable access Ausrack branding Feet adjustable from inside the enclosure (screw head shown) Rails RU marked