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Server Rack Design

Server & Network Rack Design Tool

Ausrack ID is the easiest and quickest rack design program available to help you design your server and network rack systems.


Ausrack ID is a drag and drop web application which includes servers and networking equipment from companies such as IBM, HP, Dell, Apple and Panduit.

Just select your cabinet or rack then drag and drop servers, storage, screens, network equipment etc into place.

If you can't see the image on the left you can download Flash Player for your system (this is freely available, from Adobe), or go to our data product page, select the rack you are interested in, then click on the Quickquote button. This will allow you to confugure all the parts in a similar (if less visual) way.

After your design has been completed, you can save it to your own area to work on at a later date. You can also produce a print out of the design that can be used as an instruction to installers of the system. You can request a quote for the components from B&R Enclosures, which will be returned to you via e-mail, or alternatively, you can produce a shopping list for all included items.

Click here to Design your Rack


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